Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Our Focus


  • Women Empowerment- Ensue equal status in decision making process at all the levels
  • Youth Skill Development- Ensure recognition as an important stake holder in rural development
  • Partnership- Strengthening the partnership of private/public/Ngo sector service providers and the end recipients to achieve optimum result in the final outcome
  • Entrepreneurial Culture- facilitating and ensue entrepreneurial culture at all the levels,
  • Microfinance- Introduction of innovative and sustainable models at grass root level
  • Eco Tourism- Establishing eco tourism value chain to create win-win situation for all the stake holders sin the value chain.
  • Capacity Building- Appropriate capacity building interventions ,identified by the stake holders- conducting youth camp at Thanthirimale
  • Career Guidance- Lead the carrier r guidance path with appropriate interventions acceptable and feasible to the women and youth, especially in the conflict area.
  • ICT- Application of ICT at grass root level to improve the productivity of the village producers and service provides in their day to day lifestyles
  • Skill Development- Life skill development to build up the human resources and the future work force of the country.
  • Project Management-ensure project viability by carrying out periodical external production ,Managements and Quality Control audits to facilitate  achieving the  project goals
  • Training and Development- Designing training & development needs as per the requirement of producer/community groups, skill development programmes
  • Mobilization





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